LY Snow 2020 McKenski Complete Snowskate

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LY Snow 2020 McKenski Complete

We’ve poured our heart and soul into the design and manufacture of the latest product from LY Snow. Alongside our team of engineers and subdeck craftsmen, Liam Mckenzie brings our all- new shredder to the world. Bigger snowflakes, deeper valleys, taller mountains, and longer journeys, the McKenski will help you get there. Sub Deck: Construction: Bamboo Core, Sintered Base, Tri-Axial Fiberglass Length: 131 cm Width: 13 cm (center of sub deck) 16.2 cm (widest point) Turning Radius: 750 cm Camber Profile: Cambered Base, Early Rise Tip and Tail Top Deck Dimensions Length: 94cm/37in Width: 9.7in Truck base: 16in centered (3 mounting positions) .