77mm Dual Duro Cheetah Hawgs Wheels

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The Dual-Duro Cheetahs are a 77mm tall by 71mm wide square lipped wheel that we designed to be the ultimate wheel for your downhill board, whether on the racecourse or in the mountains. The two different inner duros are subtly different and let you tune your ride to the surface you’re riding. The 90a wheels excel on smooth, grippy backtop while the 85a wheels crush more rugged, rough surfaces. We use a unique three-part construction featuring a small fiberglass reinforced core, an inner pour of either 85a or 90a urethane for peak roll speed in the straights and an outer pour of super grippy 76a urethane for lots of edge grip and braking power in the corners. These 3 parts work together to make a wheel that excels on all types of roads and tracks, grab a set today and beat your friends down your local hill. Warning: The Dual-Duro Cheetah wheels are FAST!