2023 Team Nitro TLS Snowboard Boot

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Lacing System: Speed Lace
Response: Responsive


  • Vibram® Outsole made of Vibram®Ecostep™ Compound
  • Eva Midsole
  • Air Dampening
  • Therminator Shield
  •  Armored Spine: Anatomically shaped and 3D molded heel reinforcement to provide even boot flex and long-lasting heel fit.
  •  Flex Link Design: A flexible panel at the ankle between the upper and lower shell ensures an even flexing, responsive boot without the bulk.
  • Cloud 9 Liner
  •  ILS Liner Lacing: Nitro's ILS system features a lacing harness firmly connected to the boot shell. This harness snugly wraps around the liner, securing it in the shell and providing precise lacing and fit. Nitro's engineered ILS laces provide less friction and a Dyneema® core for added strength.
  • Re/Lace Liner Locker
  • Ortholite® Dual Density Footbed
  •  45° Laceglider: This precision-molded low-friction plastic insert is positioned at the crucial 45° lacing position in the ankle area. It drastically reduces lace friction
    and makes tying up your TLS system even easier.
  • TLS Twin Lacing System
  • Molded TLS Lace Handles
  • Bail Out System