2022 Nitro Miniganger Splitboard 138cm

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The Miniganger youth splitboard allows the youngest riders to get out and explore beyond the marked trails with their family. Exploring the mountain is always better with friends and family, so we have developed one of the first production youth-specific splitboards to allow the whole family a chance to explore those distant peaks together.

Built with the same durable technology and easy-to-use solutions as our high-end splitboards but packaged in a smaller size with a friendlier flex - the Miniganger split provides everything you need to get up fast and enjoy the ride down. The Directional shape will allow for more float on the way down and more surface area in front when you set a new skin track. At the same time, the Powercore and Trüe camber will provide the support needed for the hike up underfoot and the snap and response you need when navigating through the trees back to the trail. Equipped with the Nitro x Kohla Skin Attachment System and durable Nitro tail and tip locks for easy transitioning from hiking mode to riding mode in the parking lot or on the windy summit, this new youth splitboard will allow for many adventures. Designed for younger riders, or just those looking for a smaller-sized splitboard, to get out and explore on a board that rides accordingly to your size – the right size board allows everyone to have more fun out there! With a flex rating of 5 out of 10 it provides a very forgiving and versatile board ride for any type of splitboard adventure. So now pick up a Miniganger today and remember to check out the precut Nitro x Kohla Skins available in each length, and don’t forget your backcountry bag – Know Before You Go!


Directional Splitboard

Special features

Tip And Tail Locks
Forged T7075 Aluminum Hooks
Pre-Drilled for Nitro x Kohla skins