2023 Nitro Vertical x Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings

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Nitro's splitboard binding, the Vertical, was designed and engineered together with the most capable splitboarding minds at Spark R&D. The collaboration combines the simplicity of Sparks Tesla T1 baseplate design with Nitro´s durability of reinforced cable connectors and ladders and comfort and reliability of straps and buckles. The Vertical splitboard binding is equipped with the Nitro Recline Highback, First Track ankle straps, Vibram© EcoStep Übergrip toe straps, and reinforced cables in the ratchet ladders. Effortless on the way up, comfortable, and supportive on the way down. There are un-touched powder fields literally waiting for you right now!

Response: Responsive
Mounting System: Pucks


  • Cable Reinforced Connectors And Ratchets
  • EVA Dampening on Baseplate and Gas Pedal
  • Tesla Touring brackets
  • T1 heel rests
  • Mounting screws
  • Spark Tool

Highback: Recline Highback

Ankle Strap: First Track© Ankle Straps with Flex Window

A large, center cut-out that makes the straps ultra-pliable and conforming to your boot shape. While the 3D molded internal frame provides extra strength, this lightweight con-struction offers a solid foothold and lasting support by eliminating all pressure points.

Toe Strap: Übergrip Toe Strap with Vibram© EcoStep™ rubber

Co-developed with VIBR AM®, known for their high-per formance rubber outsoles, we de-signed a toe strap that combines the shape and feel of our B.E.S.T. Conver tible toe strap concept with the sticky X trek/ ECO STEP rubber from VIBR AM®. As a result, the strap adapts to any boots toe box shape while the rubber keeps the strap in place, no matter how hard you stomp your landing, whether it’s wet or freezing.

Baseplate: Tesla T1 Baseplate

Spark R&D Tesla T1 System machined aluminum baseplate is pin and cable free, so the binding slides easily into offset touring brackets and locks into place using a snap ramp. T1 bindings slide sideways into the offset touring brackets and are locked into place with the snap ramp. T1 bindings also slide across pucks utilizing the snap ramp to lock into place for a tight ride down. 

Flex: 8 (Scale 1 - 10)

Power. Precision. Control.

Mounting System: Spark Puck

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